There are a lot of ways to write a product review and a lot of different ways to present a product. We choose to present products in the only way that we know how. We know how to write a product review that is made for our readers and nobody else. Not for profits, not for the products that we are reviewing, and not for anybody paying us money, because nobody is paying us money. What we write is all about how we feel about the products and how we believe portable reviews are difficult to trust these days.

Today, it is difficult to find out where information is coming from. There are a lot of sites that review products, but there are a few product review sites that are doing things behind the curtain that not a lot of readers see. For example, there are a lot of sites that are paid by the products they are reviewing. Whether it is giving these products positive reviews or choosing the actual products to review, for example where to buy e cig vaporizer online, there are a lot of moving parts that people may not be wise to. We find this unacceptable and do not choose to follow that path.

The path that we blaze is one that is different from any other. We use our connections to get the products that matter to you, products that have a lot of hype behind it and products that may or may not live up to the standards that they would have you believe. We believe that every product deserves a fair chance, but also a chance that points out any flaws that they may have. People tell us that we are a breath of fresh air in the review world, but we believe that we are just doing what review sites should do.

Seeing beyond the curtain

The curtain that is designed to deceive, the curtain that is run by a select few elite companies that are trying to tell you which products to buy. Products that do not live up to their name and products that we believe need to be exposed along with services that do not offer what they promise. We are modern day whistle blowers that are always on the side of our customers. Always showing people that there are good review sites out there, but that they are difficult to find.

Trust us when we say that there is nobody behind the curtain here. We are doing things because we want to help our readers. Readers that deserve information that is accurate and presented in a fair and unbiased manner. We are the leaders or transparency and crusaders for the readers of product reviews. It may be too soon for this type of honesty, but we believe that it has been coming for years. That in order to expose the bad reviewers, that we need to lead by example and write reviews that are for our readers, just our readers and nobody else.